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P.M.G Co., Ltd
PMG Gas Mechanical Co., Ltd manufactures LPG cylinder, accordance with National technical regulation on safety of steel cylinders for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) QCVN 04:2013/BCT

   P.M.G is a member of PETROLIMEX, established in 2004 with the task of producing high quality LPG Cylinder for Gas Petrolimex and meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

   We manufacture LPG cylinder according to TCVN, ISO, DOT - 4BA, DOT - 4BW standards along with other standards in accordance with National Technical Regulation QCVN 04:2013/BCT.

   With nearly 20 years of experience, strict quality control system and constant development have put us at the forefront of LPG Cylinder production. P.M.G is currently one of the leading LPG cylinder manufacturers in Vietnam.

   The headquarters at: Nha be Petroleum general warehouse B, Nha be Town, Nha be Dist, HCMC, Vietnam with 10,500 m2 workshop area.

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